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01 Speed account opening

Free account opening in 1 minute

02Extremely low cost

0.01 hand tradeable, spread coupon rebate

03 High speed access

Access is fast and arrives as fast as 2 hours to the account

04Authoritative data

International synchronous instant transaction data

about us

A brief introduction about us

Confidence guarantee

AKINDRED provides a fair and transparent investment platform for domestic and international investors. The product quotation adopts the most authoritative data quotation. Each quotation can be searched historically. The transaction code can be provided for more than 0.1 transactions in a single transaction. Check to make sure the data quotes are fair and transparent.

Safety of tradement

AKINDRED adopts the international standard encoding technology and sets up a multi-layer firewall isolation system to ensure that the transmitted customer data is free of interception and theft by others. In conjunction with SSL encryption security measures to combat various types of cyber attacks and hacking, preventing unauthorized system logins and transactions

Clear accounts

Separate the customer's personal funds from the company's working capital, improve the transparency of the client's funds, deposits and withdrawals are regulated by the Australian government, ensuring the client's funds are absolutely safe.


AKINDRED has strictly adhered to the privacy regulations promulgated by Australian statutory bodies and has established a rigorous customer data processing procedure. All customer data and transaction records are highly confidential and encrypted to prevent leakage of personal data.

Quick withdrawal

The third party withdrawal instruction is not accepted. It also stipulates that the customer can only transfer money to the bank account under the customer's name when withdrawing money. The withdrawal can be received within 2 hours. The company informs the customer of the withdrawal status through SMS to ensure the security of the client's funds.

Regular review

AKINDRED's development plan is based on highly rigorous and self-regulating operating standards. The external professional auditors of the Company regularly check the financial status and submit reports to management and relevant institutions to achieve effective and prudent company management. Customer funds are monitored multiple times.


24 hours tradeable


Up to 400 times higher leverage


2 hours to the account, peace of mind, rest assured


7X24 hours for your service


6 major security guarantees comprehensive protection of transaction security

  • Card supervision

    The board is regulated by the Australian Financial Services Authority

  • Finance

    Regular review of the company's financial status

  • privacy

    Strict customer privacy

  • Fund supervision

    Government supervision

  • Transaction code

    Transaction code can be queried at any time

  • Supervision

    Regulatory supervision

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Trading platform

No matter where you are, as long as the market is open, you can trade the foreign exchange market.

  • Multiple order types
  • Mobile trading application
  • Popular technical indicators
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