Why trade FX in AKINDRED

We are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to participate in foreign exchange transactions.

  • Deep fluidity

    Using a well-known liquidity provider, you can provide the best price, execution and market depth.

  • Multiple trading currency pairs

    Quickly trade up to 70 foreign exchange currency pairs and experience one-click execution to test your forex trading strategy.

  • Super fast execution

    Orders will be sent directly to our servers and will be automated with no counter intervention.

  • Low foreign exchange spread

    Providing a highly competitive spread range, the price quoted on the commodity is the best price offered by the liquidity supplier.

  • No re-quote

    There is no re-quote at any trading time and the order will always be executed at the requested price.

  • Flexible lever

    This means that you only need to invest a small margin of the market price to open a new deal.

Foreign exchange contract specifications

Forex basics



  • 主要货币对(包含了最流行的流动性货币对组,其中一种永远是美元)
  • 次要货币对(次要货币对不包含美元,但是包括了其他的主要货币,如欧元、日元和英镑)
  • 稀有货币对(由一种主要货币和一种发展中经济体货币组成)。